Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At H.W. Kaufman Group and Burns & Wilcox, we prioritize a culture grounded in family values that fosters and sustains a supportive and welcoming workplace. This belief is fundamental to our success as an organization.  

By encouraging our associates to operate as their authentic selves, we will create an environment that enables our team to perform at their very best. 

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion will lead the industry and serve as a key driver in making Kaufman a sought-after professional destination

A Message from the Kaufman Family

For more than 50 years, H.W. Kaufman Group has been powered by our people. Our company is built on a strong foundation of family values, coupled with a commitment to invest in the professional development of Kaufman associates globally.  

Today and always, we will never waver in supporting our associates and fostering an environment that enables them to perform at their best.  

Kaufman prioritizes Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I), which we proudly recognize as fundamental to the health and long-term sustainability of our business. 

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DE&I is a business imperative, woven into Kaufman’s culture and aligned with our efforts to recruit and retain the industry’s very best talent.

As part of Kaufman’s DE&I platform, our associates have established seven Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which offer a positive space for important discussions on culture, challenges and opportunities within our company and the broader insurance industry:

  • APAC (Asian/Pacific) ERG
  • HOLA (Hispanic/Latino Organization for Leadership and Advancement) ERG
  • Umoja (Unity) – African American Association ERG
  • WINS (Women in Insurance) ERG
  • Kaufman Family Advocacy Network – K-FAN ERG
  • Kaufman Pride & Allies ERG
  • Kaufman Military Veterans
The ERGs are asked to create, amplify and seek out content and events that foster associate learning, offer philanthropic activities or create relationship building opportunities. Our goal is simple – we want our associates to come to our offices each and every day feeling that they are supported, with the freedom to bring their authentic selves to the workplace.

Additionally, each ERG has made recruiting a key priority, targeting outstanding professionals that will enable Kaufman to build a more diverse workforce.

Kaufman has long felt that careers in insurance are often overlooked. Our ERGs are engaging professional organizations and collegiate student groups that reflect their communities, opening their eyes to the opportunities and growth that is possible when coming to work for Kaufman.

As Kaufman builds and expands our DE&I efforts, we are excited about the potential to engage our associates in important discussions, to create a broader sense of cultural awareness and to elevate our business even further.

Our Diversity Partners

Employee Resource Groups

Our ERGs participate in and sponsor events that allow our associates to take part in philanthropic activities, forge relationships with community organizations and other professionals, and develop creative solutions that help achieve business goals and objectives. 


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The APAC ERG promotes cultural awareness and advocacy while empowering its members through networking, coaching, and mentoring. Our goal is to promote mutual understanding between Eastern & Western cultures, build stronger relationships between associates through cultural awareness, support associates who identify as Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders or first, second+ generation and build safe and supportive space that they feel connected to.

UMOJA (Unity)
African American Association

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Umoja is a Swahili word that means “UNITY”. At Kaufman, we pride ourselves on collaborating with teams of unique and diverse perspectives – inclusive of all. We are committed to the power of partnerships that lend itself to promoting cultural awareness, diversity, equity, Umoja and solving complex problems of an ever-changing world. Our mission is to embrace and celebrate the voices of the African American community within our organization, our clients, and those we serve.

HOLA — Hispanic/Latino Organization
for Leadership and Advancement

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Our mission is committing to the recruitment, development, and retention of Latino and Hispanic employees through education, recruiting, and mentorship. One of the keys to being successful in executing on our mission is keeping an open mind. By listening first to our employees and the unique obstacles they may be encountering we are able to connect and collaborate on future initiatives that will help drive the success and growth of Latino/Hispanic employees throughout our organization and communities.

Women in Insurance (WINS)

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The Women in Insurance Group (WINS) provides support and encouragement of one another, as well as, promoting mentorship and positive change throughout the organization and insurance industry. Our goal is to support the development and advancement of women in and throughout their careers, foster mentorship, recruitment & retention of women in the industry, celebration and recognition of women and their accomplishments and provide a network and space for women to address career related and/or workplace challenges. Provide support and strategies for overcoming those challenges. Collaborate and share best practices.

Family Advocacy Network (K-Fan)

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Our vision is to educate, communicate, support and leverage resources to ensure associates will be successful without compromising family life or professional life. We provide an open forum to share challenges, milestones, and advice about how to balance work and family. We are focused on advocated on behalf of all working parents and caregivers and HWK and providing a support system through networking and information sharing. Enabling our colleagues to effectively meet their work and caring responsibilities for family, elderly and special needs allows us all to thrive and sustain healthy families.

Pride and Allies

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Kaufman Pride & Allies ERG welcomes and opens opportunities for all Kaufman associates through awareness, education, and advocacy relevant to the LGBTQ+ community. We are dedicated to supporting an authentic and modern environment where all associates may realize their fuller potential across our enterprise.

Kaufman Military Service

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Kaufman Military Veterans was established as a group for all Military Veterans, Spouses and Families, offering a higher level of support to military families both within and outside our company. As an ERG, we will gain access to more corporate resources to promote activities and events that are important to the Military community. In addition, we will gain funding to support nonprofit groups who are working on behalf of the Military community. We seize the opportunity to bring a higher level of support to Military families both within and outside our company. We can highlight to our co-workers the unique challenges faced by Military families. Finally, we showcase to current Kaufman employees and future employees the value that comes with hiring within the Military community.

DE&I Council Member Spotlight

Vani Rao

Senior Director, Office of the CIO

APAC (Asian Pacific) ERG Co-Leader 

“Our ERGs have enabled associates from across the company and country to connect and collaborate on activities. This helps enhance the H.W. Kaufman Group community.”

Jodie Kaufman Davis

Executive Vice President, H.W. Kaufman Group
President, Burns & Wilcox Canada
DE&I Council Executive Sponsor 

“We are proudly committed to consistently fostering an environment that encourages our associates to be themselves. By embracing the unique backgrounds, perspectives and skill sets of our associates, Kaufman is better equipped to tackle complex business challenges, from addressing the insurance industry’s talent gap to developing breakthrough technology solutions.” 

Krista Ridley

Training & Talent Development Manager

UMOJA ERG Co-Leader 

“Kaufman DE&I has allowed diverse individuals to connect and grow with others who reflect their own cultures and values, in an industry where they have been historically underrepresented”

Missy Wang

Director, Change Management
H.W. Kaufman Group
APAC ERG Co-Leader

“DE&I fosters a more inclusive workplace, dramatically enhances employee experiences, promotes stronger cultural awareness, and has improved our company’s innovations overall.” 

Paul G. Smith

Corporate Senior Vice President
H.W. Kaufman Group
K-FAN Executive Sponsor

“The Kaufman DE&I initiative continues to foster an increased awareness and camaraderie companywide. Our associates are committed to engage and create an improved work environment.” 

Christine Tricoli

Corporate Senior Vice President
Chief Human Resources Officer
H.W. Kaufman Group
DE&I Council Executive Sponsor

Our approach to DE&I at Kaufman has brought associates from across our many companies together to help support our businesses, our community and each other.” 

Patricia Chiodo

Director, HR Business Partner
Burns & Wilcox
DE&I Council HR Liaison

“I have witnessed so many individuals be vulnerable and lean into the program with empathy and a willingness to embrace learning and growth.”

Drew Dean 

Vice President, Managing Director 
Burns & Wilcox 
Kaufman Pride & Allies ERG Co-Leader 

“I’m proud of the conversations that have started. I’ve had some good heart-to-hearts with folks and can tell the ERGs are making a difference.” 

Stephanie Goulet

Senior HR Analyst, Talent Experience 
H.W. Kaufman Group 
HOLA HR Liaison 

“It has had a positive impact on the overall organization. There will always be continuous education about DE&I and the ERGs will continue to be an important company resource.”

Tracy Madigan

Corporate Associate Vice President, Talent Experience
H.W. Kaufman Group
K-FAN HR Liaison

“H.W. Kaufman Group and Burns & Wilcox has created an environment that values an inclusive and equitable workplace culture where all associates are valued, respected, and heard, regardless of their background, characteristics, or identity.”

Rich Gobler

Senior Vice President, Western United States
Managing Director 
Burns & Wilcox 
HOLA ERG Executive Sponsor 

“I am most proud that our DE&I efforts continue to move forward and that our team remains committed to the initiative.” 

Laura Baker

Director, Producer Development 
H.W. Kaufman Group 
K-FAN HR Liaison 

“The formation of ERGs has made an impact on engagement and connections even in the early stages. Employees have brought up the benefits they have experienced with the program in feeling engaged and connected with people in other offices that they hadn’t previously known.” 

Rebecca Roberts

Regional Vice President, Florida and Georgia
Burns & Wilcox
DE&I Council Co-Chair 

“Kaufman DE&I allows associates to bring their authentic selves to work.” 

Shelby Zgnilec 

Corporate Associate Vice President 
Operations & Strategic Initiatives 
H.W. Kaufman Group 
K-FAN ERG Leader

“The Kaufman DE&I Initiative has brought many people together that may have not connected otherwise.” 


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